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Quick Guide

  1. Fit your SeaSmart within 40 cms (16”) of your flush pump’s inlet sanitation hose connection.
  2. Disconnect the inlet sanitation hose from the pump and connect the SeaSmart “T” piece in its place.
  3. Measure the length of the inlet sanitation hose and cut the very thin disinfectant tube with scissors so that it will reach to about 15 cms (6”) short of the seacock.
  4. Slide the very thin disinfectant tube down inside the inlet sanitation hose and re-connect the sanitation hose to the SeaSmart “T” piece.
  5. Open the SeaSmart and fit the battery and the disinfectant pouch.
  6. Press the Priming Button for at least 30 secs then flush your toilet. You’ll see blue sanitized water.

                                                                       (A full installation guide and a template come with every SeaSmart)


It really is that simple and unlike other products (which don't address the actual problem) there's:-

      1. No cutting of sanitation hose (above or below the waterline).

      2. No need to install additional sanitation hose.

      3. No need to run sanitation hose up and down your toilet wall.

      4. No ugly tanks on the toilet wall.

      5. No need to get into the bilges to refill.



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