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About the company

We’re sailors just like you. We love all types of boats and all types of boating but wanted to put a stop to those smelly heads.

We’ve more than twenty years experience in the design, development and manufacture of commercial toilet hygiene equipment and disinfection systems.

So we did our research and got to the bottom of why this problem has been around for so many years in marine toilets.
You can read about that on our “Technology” link.

We designed and developed SeaSmart® and we’re also the manufacturers, so we hope you will be pleased with it. We’ve done our best to make sure it’s a first class product for you and hope it will give you more time to enjoy your leisure.

SeaSmart Marine Ltd. is entirely funded by the Company Directors and has no debts, so you can rest assured your investment in SeaSmart will be long term. We even own our own factories. 

Happy boating!

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