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Green Policy

SeaSmart Marine Ltd is proud to promote its new Marine Toilet Sanitizing device as an eco-friendly alternative to pouring large volumes of disinfectant and bleach into marine toilets, only to flush it straight into the sea!

SeaSmart’s microprocessor monitors your marine toilet’s use and dispenses tiny amounts of biodegradable disinfectant detergent into the flush system, just enough to disinfect and sanitize the flushing water and sanitation hoses.

When your marine toilet is being used very frequently, less disinfectant is dispensed because less is needed to keep the water and hoses sanitized. When your boat is not being used, the microprocessor goes into “maintenance mode” and dispenses an even smaller dose into the inlet sanitation hose every few days; just enough to keep the flushing water in the inlet hose sanitized.

This disinfectant detergent has been used for many years to keep fish gills free from infection in fish farms and is biodegradable.

If you have a holding tank, SeaSmart will not affect it. The disinfectant doses are so small that any faecal matter in the tank will completely neutralise the disinfectant and the tank will continue to work normally. You can discharge your tank by pump out or at sea in the normal way, in compliance with your national and international regulations.

Should you have an existing odour problem from a holding tank vent, you should look at ways of increasing the ventilation to the tank. Holding tank odours are caused by anaerobic bacteria and increasing ventilation will allow aerobic bacteria to regain control and odours will rapidly reduce and usually stop altogether.

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