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SeaSmart for Electric Toilet Fresh (Tank) Water Flushed Toilets + Extra Disinfectant

Seasmart and 2 pouches


1) Quick and easy to install on toilets with standard 19 mm (3/4") inlet fresh water flush sanitation hose. SeaSmart must be connected at the toilet pan or in the hose between the flush solenoid and the toilet pan. If your flush water is not connected with standard hose (sometimes fresh water pipe is used), please contact us with the hose size and type and we can usually supply your SeaSmart with the neccessary fittings.

2) Full instructions included.

3) Lovely Blue Sanitised Flushes

4) Comes complete with installation kit and battery.

5) Includes 2 SeaSmart sanitizer pouches.

6) LED indicators for refill and low battery.

7) Height 26 cms (10”) Width 11.6 cms (4.5”) Depth 7cms (2.75”)


Price: £158.50 (Inc VAT)  
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