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Toilets flushing with sea or river water (Manual or Electric)

Installation is straightforward, just two tiny screws secure the SeaSmart, then you disconnect your inlet hose, connect your SeaSmart, thread the very thin disinfectant tube down inside the inlet sanitatation hose to the seacock and reconnect your sanitation hose. Full instructions come with your SeaSmart.

Inspect your toilet to find a good place to install the SeaSmart. Usually this should be on a bulkhead or cabin cladding adjacent to the toilet bowl. The footprint of SeaSmart is just 26cm (10”) high by 11.6cm (4½”) wide

Your SeaSmart needs to be within 40 cm or 16 inches of the flush water inlet hose to the pump, so that the connection tube will reach. If you have to install it further away (very unusual for manual toilets), we can supply SeaSmarts with longer connection tubes to order.

If you have an electric flush pump that’s not located by the toilet, it's best to install your SeaSmart by the remote electric pump.

You can also install your SeaSmart anywhere the inlet sanitation hose is accessible between the seacock and the flush pump. You will need a straight connector which we can supply.

Blakes Lavac Toilets (Manual or Electric)

Installation is the same as above but you connect to the flush water inlet to the pan, or anywhere the inlet hose is accessible.

Electric Toilets flushing with Fresh Water

These require a SeaSmart which works slightly differently to the standard model, so you need to specify “Fresh Water” when ordering.

Installation is very similar to the above and the SeaSmart is connected directly to the flush water inlet of the toilet or into the flush water hose between the solenoid and the toilet.

If you need any help or advice email or call +44 (0)1425 281004 and our friendly staff will assist you.

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